In this article we will go over how create an option for a menu item and include the quantity box for choices under the option.     For example:  You have an option named Box Lunch Sandwich choice. The client wants 20 total boxed lunches. As opposed to entering each box lunch sandwich choice as a separate line item, they can define the breakdown. For instance: 20 Boxed Lunches. Customer can do the breakdown as follows: - 10 Turkey Sandwiches, 5 Roast Beef Sandwiches and 5 Vegetarian Sandwiches.

1 - Click on the Admin tab and then click on the Menu Manager bubble and link

2 - Next click on the Options tab and Create New Option tab

3 - Next fill out the Display Name, check off the Show Quantity Fields check box and fill out the Choices

4 - Remember to click Save when done.

5 - You have now created the option

6 - Next you will need to assign the option to a menu item

7 - Click on the Menu - the Category and the Menu Item the option needs to appear under (once opened will be in Orange).

8 - Then click on the Options tab that appears UNDER the menu item (on the left side of the page).

9 - Then find the option you just created UNDER the Options tab on the RIGHT side of the page and click on it and drag it under the Option box that appears UNDER the Menu Item on the LEFT side of the page.  Here is a video:  

Dragging an Option to a Menu Item from Michael Attias on Vimeo.

10 - You have now assigned the Option to a Menu Item.

11 - Here is what the Quantity box will look like under the Employee view.

12 - Here is what the Quantity box will look like under the Customer view.

Now you have learned how to create an menu item to include an option with a quantity box for the number of choices the customer would like.