This article will go over the difference in the ticket settings.   There are two types of ticket settings.   1 - Order Details page (this is what the employee will receive by email when an order has been placed) and 2 - Catering Ticket (this is what CaterZen recommends the customer receives by email when placing an order - default.)

1 - Click on the Admin tab then look for the Global Settings section and the Ticket Settings bubble.

2 - Once you click on the Ticket Settings bubble you will see 2 links appear:  Configure your Ticket/ Order Layout Settings and Catering Ticket Settings.   We will go over each of these settings/ links in this article.

3 - Configure your Ticket/Order Layout Settings:  

     A - Once you click on the Configure your Ticket/Order Layout Settings another box will appear.   The first box will allow you to choose if you want the customer to receive a copy of the Catering Ticket (default) or the Order Details page.


                                                         Catering Ticket example:

                                                      Order Details Page Example:

         C - You will then be able to choose the font size when faxed and printed.

          D - Next is a list of the fields that appear in the Order Entry tab, Order Details page and Catering Ticket.   Here you can Customize the name of a field - Hide a field - Bold a field - Italic a field - Large a field.  You can also change the Sort of the fields.

         E - Remember after making any change scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes tab.

4 - Catering Ticket Settings

       A - Once again you will see the option to set the Catering Ticket (default) or the Order Details Page to what you would like the customer to receive.

      B - Next you will see Default Boxes that are checked off to appear on the Catering Ticket that is emailed to the client.   If you would like to add information to the Catering Ticket please check off the box and Save Changes.   Or if you would like to remove information please uncheck the box and Save Changes.

     C - If you would like to have the Descriptions of the menu items appear in the Catering Ticket please check off the this box.   For more information on descriptive verses non descriptive please see the Descriptive Quote Article.

     D - If you would like to change the name of the Catering Ticket to something other then Order please do here.

      E - Remember after making any changes please click on the Save Changes tab.

You have now learned about the Catering Ticket and Order Details Page settings.